Tall Tails

TALL TAILS Ep. 17 - All That Matters

March 31, 2021 Christine François
Tall Tails
TALL TAILS Ep. 17 - All That Matters
Show Notes

MEET VICTORIA D. WALKER. As a Christian Author, Thought Coach, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, Director & Educator at Choose 2 Think Academy, Speaker & University Spanish Instructor with nearly 30 years of teaching & advising experience, Victoria's mission is to coach women how to live their best thought life and how to launch successful businesses.  Her proven methods help the frazzled mom, the struggling wife, the overworked nana and the anxious single entrepreneur deal with toxic thoughts and thinking patterns in healthy, life-changing ways.  Victoria's passions are God, family, traveling, and chasing Rico the MorKY, her blog mascot, around the beautiful town of Midway, Kentucky.
On this episode we talk about:
Victoria's early childhood and moving with her family to various states surrounding Kentucky as a result of her dad's successful sales career.

  • OUR THOUGHTS MATTER:  How (with God's help) she overcame depression in 2016 by using a proven strategy to take thoughts captive and to be transformed by the renewing of the mind--sounds lofty - but she has practical methods to help others, and discusses some of the brain science to back it all up. 
  • OUR WORDS MATTER:  There is life and death in the power of the tongue. Victoria shares her passion for helping others become more deliberate in how they express themselves and communicate with others.
  • OUR HEALTH MATTERS:  The brain/gut connection, and how we can improve brain health through diet.  The foods we eat may be affecting our moods and emotions more than we think.
  • OUR MINDSETS MATTER:  Developing and fostering the mindsets of expectancy and gratitude may be just what we need to start and finish each day with success and joy.  Not only do the mindsets we adopt each day open the door to new possibilities, they also protect us from the otherwise harsh realities and trials we're bound to bump up against in our journey.
  • ENTER RICO the MorKY! - She cites Proverbs 12:10, " A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel. " as a tried and true measure for our humane actions toward the animals we have in our care. 

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