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Tall Tails

Christine François

Host Christine Francois is passionate about animals and humans alike! She is the grateful adopted mom to five cats who started their young lives in 2019 as strays in a non-pet friendly residential community where she and her family lived until recently. During the Covid 19 lockdown she was urged to 'get rid of' them and so she and her family were forced to remove the cats from their property. They decide to have the cats boarded and simultaneously find new accommodations. There began a grueling four-month odyssey to find a new rental home that would accept them all. In a moment of prayer, she realized her calling and decided to become a voice for the animals she and her family love so dearly and an advocate for animal welfare and rescue. Tall Tails tells the stories of love, companionship and some of the challenges associated with taking responsibility for companion animals and providing them with the loving care they deserve, through the eyes and hearts of pet lovers, animal welfare advocates and stakeholders in the pet care industry. We hope you are inspired to join the conversation and support your local animal welfare organizations.

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